Let's get one thing straight, haters. AMF did a lot of stupid shit, but in the end, when you take a good look at the facts, they saved Harley-Davidson. AMF invested millions in modernizing production and design and pumped money into that cash pit long enough for Willie G and his band of merry men to swoop in and look like geniuses. So stop the AMF hate already. How's that for my first post in months?


Steve Jobs

Thanks for changing the world, Steve. You will be missed.


On Google+

...at what else but motoanimus@gmail.com. This is a celebration bitches.


Antonio Merinero

My man Antonio Merinero has an upcoming exhibition in jolly ol' England at the Coventry Transport Museum in association with none other than The Ace Cafe. Check his blog for more details and if you're in the area stop and take a gander. His work is top notch and he's a Hell of a nice guy too. Peep that shit yo!



That's great, guys. Partner up with the bankrupt boys at OCC. Will you be building said bike in OCC's foreclosed headquarters or in Senior's garage? Ugh.


Black Falcon

Wow. This one will either make other builders step up their game or just give up altogether. So amazingly beautiful. Go check their gallery.


iPad Desktops

No posts in awhile. Little inspiration. It hit tonight though in the form of these Photoshop manipulations. I just wanted some cool wallpapers for my iPad. I know these aren't "proper" iPad wallpapers since they don't really work in portrait view but I keep mine locked on landscape anyway so meh. Click to the gallery for full size downloadable pics. Keep on truckin'.