Moto Guzzi V12 Trio



Hot on the heels of the beautiful V7 Clubman concept bike, Guzzi have also announced a trio of bikes based on a single platform. Designed by Pierre Terblanche and dubbed "V12," the trio share drivetrain and differ in bodywork, wheels, suspension, bars, and other choice parts. Terblanche is often vilified for what he did at Ducati (namely the 999 and 749) but I really don't think the hatred is completely warranted. My opinion is that he's mainly hated for not being Massimo Tamburini. Mr. Terblanche, you are redeemed. Laters.

Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman

According to Moto Guzzi, the V7 Clubman Racer is the end result of extensive tuning inspired by the motorcycles that in the '70s blah blah blah...Who cares. I say it's one of the best looking Guzzis I have seen. Ever. A beautiful back to basics design from a struggling company trying to make a comeback. You could take a cue from them, H-D. Now they just need to produce it. Don't miss this opportunity Moto Guzzi. I'm rootin' for ya. Laters.

New Ducks

Today Ducati announced the new 1198R Corse. Upgrades include the special Corse paint scheme, aluminum fuel tank, Termignoni exhaust and bike stand making the bike well worth what I'm assuming will be an astronomical price tag. Then again, what price can you place on beauty? MSRP hasn't been announced yet but if you have to ask, you can't afford one.

Also announced (to my extreme satisfaction) is the return of the Dark! The 848 Dark to be precise. MSRP is a quite reasonable (if you're not a Japanese bike guy) $12,995.

Which brings up a point I'd like to make. Ducs are really only expensive if you compare them just to their Japanese counterparts. Fast yes, but no Japanese bike even remotely approximates the feel and character of an Italian. To me the Japanese bikes are refined to a fault while Italians still have that indescribable I don't know what. And good luck getting a Harley that will perform like the 1198 for around $15K. Or even $30K. You can park it in the barn next to your unicorn. Not a fair comparison? How about an Aprilia? MV? Triumph? That new BMW has a shot but damn is it ugly. And how many people honestly possess the skills required to wring every last bit of performance out of a bike such as these? I'm not putting any of these bikes down. Every bike has it's own mojo that I'm more than happy to experience. But if you're going to own just one bike it really ought to be one that not only makes your adrenaline pump but one that speaks to your soul as well. For some it's a Ducati or BMW, while others it's a Yamaha or Honda. I've always had problems settling with just one and that's fine by me. I appreciate all for what they are and look forward to the next. I've learned not to poo poo until I've experienced it for myself. Even then I'm willing to admit I can see why others might like it even if it's not right for me. Whatever your poison is, I'd like to hear about it. Comment or email motoanimus@gmail.com and tell me about your ride of choice and why you love it. And anyone that says my Mom has a good ass kicking coming their way. Laters.


2010 MV Agusta F4

Wes over at Hell for Leather has a nice article about the new F4 that MV has been hyping ad nauseum. According to his calculations the new one, like its naked counterpart the Brutale, is heavier and less powerful than the model it replaces. What kind of evolution is that? No wonder the company is perpetually broke. Last month I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my brother's NOS 2007 F4 and let me tell you, the bike is magnificent. My take: find an older one that's been babied and save $10K plus. Spend the extra money on a carbon body kit and have the trickest sportbike at your local crotch rocket night. Laters.



The Flying Merkel

I just can't get enough boardtrackers. Got any cool pics? Email them to motoanimus@gmail.com and I'll post my favorites. Laters.