Quick Avatar impression: The story is unimaginative and will be completely familiar to anyone who's had a history class, the voiceover is completely annoying and written so even someone with an IQ of 3 will know exactly what's going on at all times, the movie is full of "why don't they just" moments like "why don't the big walking infantry machines just have shoulder mounted guns so they don't have to carry them leaving their hands free to do other things" and the dialogue is so bad at points that I was actually embarrassed for James Cameron for having written it. Then I was mad at all the sycophants that must surround him that didn't have the stones to tell him how ridiculous it sounded. The worst part? "Their bones are reinforced with a naturally occurring form of carbon fiber." Really? Natural carbon fiber? Ugh.

 That being said, Avatar is such an amazing technological achievement and visual experience that I'd still recommend seeing it. And spring the extra 2 bucks for 3D. I imagine the experience would be severely diluted otherwise. The technologies invented for this film will forever change the way films are made in much the same way Cameron has done numerous times in the past. I long for the day he returns to making great movies like Terminator 2, The Abyss and of course Aliens. Until then I'll just keep telling myself at least he's making great contributions to filmmaking in other ways. You know, kind of like George Lucas has ever since Empire Strikes Back. Laters.



Snagged this pic while watching the bio "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures." I'd love to find a set of those sweet Beyer phones.

No Rover progress today. Bad sinus thing going on. Looked at buffing equipment though and I'm just not ready to plunk down so she's going to have to settle for a hand wax and call it good. 

I've also been digging into Forza Motorsport 3 on XBox 360. I've only got a few hours in but I must say, this is a truly stunning game. The developers have masterfully and seamlessly blended hardcore simulation and casual arcade play into one beautiful and amazingly deep experience. The best part is, you can transition from one to the other at your own pace and whenever you like. The cars and customization features are very well done but the best part is the online auctions that allow you to use your credits to buy cars from other players. You can even open your own tuner shop. I intend to explore this feature very soon. That's it. Rover and Sporty pics still to come. Laters.

Red Rover

Hey folks. Red Rover is nearing completion. All that's left now is to give her a good buff and wax today if mother nature cooperates. Pics soon. Laters.