My bike

Since this blog is mostly dedicated to bikes I guess I should start off by showing a picture of my own. Top one is before, bottom is current. It's a work in progress but you'll get the idea. My current ride is a 2003 HD Sportster 883. The heads have been ported and Flowbenched, I've installed drag bars and ran internal wiring, removed a Hell of a lot of pork and will continue to do so, brushed all the chrome up nice and dull with Scotchbrite, put on a seat from an 883R, and have done other miscellaneous stuff. She dynos at 55bhp and 50lb/ft of torque which I think is pretty respectable for an 883 hog. When I found it there were only 1200 miles on the clock due to the fact that a timid meth addict chick owned it. Plus it was covered in horrific chrome covers and doodads so I immediately went to work on that. My next step is a rear fender chop with new taillight and turn signal removal. And maybe a mirror since I'm sort of riding dirty without one. Tell me about your rides. Laters.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Welcome to the first post at MOTOanimus. More to come.