It's about as done as it's going to be. Or at least done enough to call it done. I did just notice it still has a mudflap on it but that'll come off soon. Don't know how I overlooked that one. What's important is that it's washed, waxed, de-funkafied and mechanically pretty well sorted. Here's the pics:





OK. I know the proper thing to do would have been  build a new box to fit the space. I'd face the woofer toward the wall and mount the amp to the interior side and make a nice trim ring and use matching carpet but hey- this is done on the cheap with what I had and I don't really want to put too much into a thousand buck truck. Future stuff will be miscellaneous trim pieces like the fuse cover, dome light covers and headliner. Big upgrades if I keep her and she's running strong will definitely be an Old Man Emu spring and shock kit and a cheap paint job. I got me some idears on that one. Stay tuned kids! Laters.