Falcon Cafe

While the big news today seems to be Harley's new 48 (which I'll talk about soon), the big news to me is Falcon's announcement that they're working on a new line of cafe racers based on the Triumph Thruxton. As you can see from the link there's practically no info but news like this from one of the most interesting builders on the planet is definitely something deserving attention. What remains to be seen is the bikes themselves. I'm also curious to see if this is something done in partnership with Triumph or completely independent of them. Good move on Triumph's part if it's the former. This is something I've always said Harley should do. Who wouldn't like to see a Sporty given the Roland Sands treatment? Oh yeah, you can at Bike EXIF (it's surprisingly not easily found on Roland's site). And while HD continues to do what they do and announce bikes that hardcores look at and say "yeah, it's OK," Roland and Falcon and others continue to build bikes we drool over but can't afford anyway. Fuck it. Just build your own drool inducing ride. Laters.


Roland Sands Cafe Sporty at Bike EXIF


Pure Beauty

This has got to be one of the most beautiful AJS shots I have ever seen. Of course I was so captivated by its beauty that I forgot to note where I found it. If you happen to know drop me a comment so I can give credit. They just don't build 'em like this anymore.