It's about as done as it's going to be. Or at least done enough to call it done. I did just notice it still has a mudflap on it but that'll come off soon. Don't know how I overlooked that one. What's important is that it's washed, waxed, de-funkafied and mechanically pretty well sorted. Here's the pics:





OK. I know the proper thing to do would have been  build a new box to fit the space. I'd face the woofer toward the wall and mount the amp to the interior side and make a nice trim ring and use matching carpet but hey- this is done on the cheap with what I had and I don't really want to put too much into a thousand buck truck. Future stuff will be miscellaneous trim pieces like the fuse cover, dome light covers and headliner. Big upgrades if I keep her and she's running strong will definitely be an Old Man Emu spring and shock kit and a cheap paint job. I got me some idears on that one. Stay tuned kids! Laters.



Quick Avatar impression: The story is unimaginative and will be completely familiar to anyone who's had a history class, the voiceover is completely annoying and written so even someone with an IQ of 3 will know exactly what's going on at all times, the movie is full of "why don't they just" moments like "why don't the big walking infantry machines just have shoulder mounted guns so they don't have to carry them leaving their hands free to do other things" and the dialogue is so bad at points that I was actually embarrassed for James Cameron for having written it. Then I was mad at all the sycophants that must surround him that didn't have the stones to tell him how ridiculous it sounded. The worst part? "Their bones are reinforced with a naturally occurring form of carbon fiber." Really? Natural carbon fiber? Ugh.

 That being said, Avatar is such an amazing technological achievement and visual experience that I'd still recommend seeing it. And spring the extra 2 bucks for 3D. I imagine the experience would be severely diluted otherwise. The technologies invented for this film will forever change the way films are made in much the same way Cameron has done numerous times in the past. I long for the day he returns to making great movies like Terminator 2, The Abyss and of course Aliens. Until then I'll just keep telling myself at least he's making great contributions to filmmaking in other ways. You know, kind of like George Lucas has ever since Empire Strikes Back. Laters.



Snagged this pic while watching the bio "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures." I'd love to find a set of those sweet Beyer phones.

No Rover progress today. Bad sinus thing going on. Looked at buffing equipment though and I'm just not ready to plunk down so she's going to have to settle for a hand wax and call it good. 

I've also been digging into Forza Motorsport 3 on XBox 360. I've only got a few hours in but I must say, this is a truly stunning game. The developers have masterfully and seamlessly blended hardcore simulation and casual arcade play into one beautiful and amazingly deep experience. The best part is, you can transition from one to the other at your own pace and whenever you like. The cars and customization features are very well done but the best part is the online auctions that allow you to use your credits to buy cars from other players. You can even open your own tuner shop. I intend to explore this feature very soon. That's it. Rover and Sporty pics still to come. Laters.

Red Rover

Hey folks. Red Rover is nearing completion. All that's left now is to give her a good buff and wax today if mother nature cooperates. Pics soon. Laters.


Rover Progress

Today it was all Rover. I got the last of the carpet pressure washed, the dry stuff put in, the seats in, and the rest of the wiring run. It's really coming together well. Whoever owned this thing before me had a big white dog because there's literally pounds of hair stuck everywhere. The pressure wash loosened it nicely and I think it will vacuum out well. Tomorrow I just need to pick up a couple feet of 4 gauge to connect the amp fuse to the battery and run the rear headliner speaker wires and make all the connections. Three hours, tops. Then to seal the sunroof and wash/wax and possibly buff. Can't wait to be done with it.

It also occurred to me today how ironic it is I'm installing a stereo I spent more on than the truck. Funny how that works. At least that was pre-recession money. Quality pics when I'm done, then to decide if I want to sell it for profit and buy one a little nicer. I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Laters. 


DB's Website and my co-write

Just wanted to quickly mention that my buddy Donny "good ol' DB" Brazile has his music site up and running and the best part is that everything's free! Unfortunately that also means my one and only co-write is free so I won't be seeing any mailbox money anytime soon. Damn. Check it out anyway and look for my song, "Emily." Laters.

Back in the swing...

After a few weeks of downtime I decided last night to get back into it. And back into it I got. First up was my long awaited fork boot install. I thought they looked a bit long but hey, why not give it a try. Here's what I ended up with:

Not satisfied with this I took a good look, then grabbed the X-Acto and started cutting. After awhile, I came up with this:


Now that's what I was going for, and this afforded me the opportunity to break the Washington corrosion off the bolts and give them some Anti-Seize and a re-torque. You know, like any good anal retentive tech should. Better pics to come. Bad light + iPhone = Shite.


Then this morning I woke up with Rover on my mind so I did what must be done. I loaded all the carpet in the back and headed down to the car wash. Five bucks in quarters and 30 minutes later I had this:


Everything is drying nicely thanks to the wonderful Phoenix climate. If the wild hair is still in my ass tomorrow I think I'll finish the stereo install and start replacing carpet and back seats. Right now it feels too much like a van. That's fine as long as it is a van and has a cool mural on the side but murals don't look good on Rovers. After that it's buff and wax and pics to follow. 

I also want to mention a great little shop in Mesa called Eastside Performance. They're the friendliest, helpfulest, no bullshittenest shop in the Phoenix area and you should definitely give them your bidness. It's where I bought the drag bars and fork boots and where I'll buy most everything from now on. Their prices and service are beyond compare. It's worth the trip just to see what they have in the showroom. Can you say Brough Superior? Check 'em out. Laters.


Cay's Blog

Hey all. I've been out of the loop lately, what with Thanksgiving travel and temp jobs and all but here I am-firmly back in the loop. Wanted to mention a great blog: Cay Broendum Spare Time. Cay is an uber talented Danish artist and bike guy. Especially check out his pen and ink bike art. This stuff is great and I'd love to see these done as fine art posters. You'd definitely see one or two on my wall.

In other news, the Rover project has stalled a bit as I've pulled the Sporty out to install some accordion fork boots. I'll get back on the Rover soon as there isn't much left to do. Clean carpets, reinstall sunroof weatherstripping, carpets and back seat and finish off the stereo. Then a nice buff job to make her shine again. Should be sweet. Photos of both Rover and Sporty to come. Until then, laters!


Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving. Freezing my giblets off in Nebraska. Updates to resume next week. Be safe all!

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Red Rover

I haven't had a chance to update in awhile and here's why. It's a '92 Range Rover project I've undertaken. Progress report and updates coming soon. Laters.


Moto Guzzi V12 Trio



Hot on the heels of the beautiful V7 Clubman concept bike, Guzzi have also announced a trio of bikes based on a single platform. Designed by Pierre Terblanche and dubbed "V12," the trio share drivetrain and differ in bodywork, wheels, suspension, bars, and other choice parts. Terblanche is often vilified for what he did at Ducati (namely the 999 and 749) but I really don't think the hatred is completely warranted. My opinion is that he's mainly hated for not being Massimo Tamburini. Mr. Terblanche, you are redeemed. Laters.

Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman

According to Moto Guzzi, the V7 Clubman Racer is the end result of extensive tuning inspired by the motorcycles that in the '70s blah blah blah...Who cares. I say it's one of the best looking Guzzis I have seen. Ever. A beautiful back to basics design from a struggling company trying to make a comeback. You could take a cue from them, H-D. Now they just need to produce it. Don't miss this opportunity Moto Guzzi. I'm rootin' for ya. Laters.

New Ducks

Today Ducati announced the new 1198R Corse. Upgrades include the special Corse paint scheme, aluminum fuel tank, Termignoni exhaust and bike stand making the bike well worth what I'm assuming will be an astronomical price tag. Then again, what price can you place on beauty? MSRP hasn't been announced yet but if you have to ask, you can't afford one.

Also announced (to my extreme satisfaction) is the return of the Dark! The 848 Dark to be precise. MSRP is a quite reasonable (if you're not a Japanese bike guy) $12,995.

Which brings up a point I'd like to make. Ducs are really only expensive if you compare them just to their Japanese counterparts. Fast yes, but no Japanese bike even remotely approximates the feel and character of an Italian. To me the Japanese bikes are refined to a fault while Italians still have that indescribable I don't know what. And good luck getting a Harley that will perform like the 1198 for around $15K. Or even $30K. You can park it in the barn next to your unicorn. Not a fair comparison? How about an Aprilia? MV? Triumph? That new BMW has a shot but damn is it ugly. And how many people honestly possess the skills required to wring every last bit of performance out of a bike such as these? I'm not putting any of these bikes down. Every bike has it's own mojo that I'm more than happy to experience. But if you're going to own just one bike it really ought to be one that not only makes your adrenaline pump but one that speaks to your soul as well. For some it's a Ducati or BMW, while others it's a Yamaha or Honda. I've always had problems settling with just one and that's fine by me. I appreciate all for what they are and look forward to the next. I've learned not to poo poo until I've experienced it for myself. Even then I'm willing to admit I can see why others might like it even if it's not right for me. Whatever your poison is, I'd like to hear about it. Comment or email motoanimus@gmail.com and tell me about your ride of choice and why you love it. And anyone that says my Mom has a good ass kicking coming their way. Laters.


2010 MV Agusta F4

Wes over at Hell for Leather has a nice article about the new F4 that MV has been hyping ad nauseum. According to his calculations the new one, like its naked counterpart the Brutale, is heavier and less powerful than the model it replaces. What kind of evolution is that? No wonder the company is perpetually broke. Last month I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my brother's NOS 2007 F4 and let me tell you, the bike is magnificent. My take: find an older one that's been babied and save $10K plus. Spend the extra money on a carbon body kit and have the trickest sportbike at your local crotch rocket night. Laters.



The Flying Merkel

I just can't get enough boardtrackers. Got any cool pics? Email them to motoanimus@gmail.com and I'll post my favorites. Laters.


My bike

Since this blog is mostly dedicated to bikes I guess I should start off by showing a picture of my own. Top one is before, bottom is current. It's a work in progress but you'll get the idea. My current ride is a 2003 HD Sportster 883. The heads have been ported and Flowbenched, I've installed drag bars and ran internal wiring, removed a Hell of a lot of pork and will continue to do so, brushed all the chrome up nice and dull with Scotchbrite, put on a seat from an 883R, and have done other miscellaneous stuff. She dynos at 55bhp and 50lb/ft of torque which I think is pretty respectable for an 883 hog. When I found it there were only 1200 miles on the clock due to the fact that a timid meth addict chick owned it. Plus it was covered in horrific chrome covers and doodads so I immediately went to work on that. My next step is a rear fender chop with new taillight and turn signal removal. And maybe a mirror since I'm sort of riding dirty without one. Tell me about your rides. Laters.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Welcome to the first post at MOTOanimus. More to come.