Steve Jobs

Thanks for changing the world, Steve. You will be missed.


On Google+

...at what else but motoanimus@gmail.com. This is a celebration bitches.


Antonio Merinero

My man Antonio Merinero has an upcoming exhibition in jolly ol' England at the Coventry Transport Museum in association with none other than The Ace Cafe. Check his blog for more details and if you're in the area stop and take a gander. His work is top notch and he's a Hell of a nice guy too. Peep that shit yo!



That's great, guys. Partner up with the bankrupt boys at OCC. Will you be building said bike in OCC's foreclosed headquarters or in Senior's garage? Ugh.


Black Falcon

Wow. This one will either make other builders step up their game or just give up altogether. So amazingly beautiful. Go check their gallery.


iPad Desktops

No posts in awhile. Little inspiration. It hit tonight though in the form of these Photoshop manipulations. I just wanted some cool wallpapers for my iPad. I know these aren't "proper" iPad wallpapers since they don't really work in portrait view but I keep mine locked on landscape anyway so meh. Click to the gallery for full size downloadable pics. Keep on truckin'.


...but I tore one of that bastard's eyes out...

Look what slithered onto my lift today. Funny thing was, apparently the guy had matching riding gear. Jacket. Chaps. The works. I thought I saw Chubbs's hand in the saddlebag.


I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

The 48 I did for Chester's H-D in Mesa AZ was featured in a tweet today by none other than HD MoCo itself. Check it out and for the love of Pete give it some good feedback.



One reason to be happy


48 Update

So the 48 sold in two days on the sales floor. Apparently there was quite a bit of interest so I'm pretty stoked about that. The other news is that it is going to be featured on Harley-Davidson's Dark Custom Facebook page, probably sometime this week so head on over there and give them a "Like" if you haven't already. 



48. Fin.

The Forty Eight is done and sitting in the showroom awaiting its new owner. Here are some pics I snapped in my bay before sending her off. The light is bad but you get the idea. 



48 Update

Still waiting on one sidecover but basically the bike is together. Custom paint by AJ's Customs in Mesa, design by me, parts by me and parts guru Carlos. The light kind of sucked so the pics suck. As soon as it's all done I'm going to snap some good ones from all angles. It should be in the showroom by this weekend so come on down to Chester's HD in Mesa, AZ and give it a gander. 



Chester's HD 48

Got the paint back today and I gotta say, I'm pretty stoked on this one. AJ's Customs in Mesa AZ knocked it out of the park as usual. The difference this time is that it was designed by me and as I told Matty (their awesome sales rep), it turned out exactly as I imagined which really says something about their work. So while ultimately concessions had to be made regarding parts selection, the paint is spot on and I can't wait to see it all come together. I'm positive the original concept and feel will remain intact. Final assembly to be completed early next week. Check the pics:


Stolen From Blood Falcons

Just had to cop this from the Blood Falcs. It's just so damn sexy.