New Ride

Hey all. Wanted to post a pic of my newest ride courtesy of my buddy Choad. Choad is one of my oldest friends and one hell of a guy. Last time I was home we were hanging out and I mentioned that when I get another BMX project going I wanted to do an old school Redline cruiser. Choad, being the guru of old school bike building, took that offhand comment and ran. Technically it's not old, but damn if it doesn't look it. He figured I'd probably want to ride it quite a bit and old school bikes being uncomfortable and all and me being old and all he decided to combine the advantages of a newer bike with some sweet styling right out of the late 80s. He had most everything lying around (he has literally a basement full of this stuff) and did all the powdercoat himself. He said the stem used to be blue and he hand polished it to pure aluminum perfection over the course of many a TV and smoking session, complete with plenty of Diet Mountain Dew to be sure. Needless to say I was completely impressed the second I saw it and completely shocked when he told me it was mine. I wasn't going to accept but his parents made me. There's no arguing with Mr. and Mrs. Gill. Plus it rides like an absolute dream. So here's to you Choad! You're one of the bestest friends a guy could ever have. Not to mention the best bike builder around. Next year I'll take one of those sweet Auburns you have cluttering your basement, thank you very much. Laters.

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