Finally seeing some progress on the Sporty. Of course, it won't be done until the rod end for the rear brake shows up (Friday or Monday I'm now told) but at least those ugly ass forward controls are off. I'm also managing to finally get the last few chrome bolt caps off as well. Honestly, I just don't know what possesses people to put shitty plastic caps on bolts. It's a fucking motorcycle! It's supposed to have bolts! Shouldn't be much of a surprise, this is the same guy that put shitty Kuryakyn forward controls on a Sportster.  I'm also slowly replacing the silver bolts with pretty black hardware. Unfortunately I keep forgetting little things here and there necessitating extra trips to the store and slowing the process down. After this the next major move will be to chop the rear fender a bit. The damn thing is just way longer than it needs to be.

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