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Hey all. I've been out of the loop lately, what with Thanksgiving travel and temp jobs and all but here I am-firmly back in the loop. Wanted to mention a great blog: Cay Broendum Spare Time. Cay is an uber talented Danish artist and bike guy. Especially check out his pen and ink bike art. This stuff is great and I'd love to see these done as fine art posters. You'd definitely see one or two on my wall.

In other news, the Rover project has stalled a bit as I've pulled the Sporty out to install some accordion fork boots. I'll get back on the Rover soon as there isn't much left to do. Clean carpets, reinstall sunroof weatherstripping, carpets and back seat and finish off the stereo. Then a nice buff job to make her shine again. Should be sweet. Photos of both Rover and Sporty to come. Until then, laters!

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