Rover Progress

Today it was all Rover. I got the last of the carpet pressure washed, the dry stuff put in, the seats in, and the rest of the wiring run. It's really coming together well. Whoever owned this thing before me had a big white dog because there's literally pounds of hair stuck everywhere. The pressure wash loosened it nicely and I think it will vacuum out well. Tomorrow I just need to pick up a couple feet of 4 gauge to connect the amp fuse to the battery and run the rear headliner speaker wires and make all the connections. Three hours, tops. Then to seal the sunroof and wash/wax and possibly buff. Can't wait to be done with it.

It also occurred to me today how ironic it is I'm installing a stereo I spent more on than the truck. Funny how that works. At least that was pre-recession money. Quality pics when I'm done, then to decide if I want to sell it for profit and buy one a little nicer. I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Laters. 

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